The hunt for any business or service that you need often starts at Google, simply typing a keyword will give you quick and accurate results to help you with anything from local grocery stores to the best ranked mechanic in the area. Have you noticed that you don’t often scroll passed the first page on Google? If your business’ website doesn’t rank on the first page of Google then you are practically invisible to most people – you will even see a dramatic difference between placing at the bottom of the list and in the top 5 search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method used to help a website rank higher up on Google, using key phrases and keywords to help it get triggered with more relevant searches so that you get seen first.


Analytics provide useful statistics about the performance of your website, as traffic increases it can let us know who is visiting your site, where they are looking and where they are coming from – these statistics may seem interesting but they provide extremely valuable feedback about your Markey which can help to shape your business and develop it. Analytics can also be used to help improve SEO, targeting more accurate keywords so your website starts to show up in more searches, directing people to your site that otherwise may have missed it altogether.


The content of your website is the most valuable aspect, having more people clicking onto your site isn’t worth much if they aren’t interested in staying there and committing to your service. Organic traffic is the most valuable, these are people that have gone looking specifically for you to buy your product or service and are the most likely to commit to what you are selling, so building high quality content for your website is key to getting as much organic traffic through as possible.

Increased Traffic

As your SEO improves so will the numbers of people visiting your website. It is important to be prepared for this traffic with quality content to engage them and call to actions ready to direct them through to you once they are ready to purchase your products or find out more. Using an SEO specialist like the team at Milwaukee Marketing will help to drastically improve the traffic to your website and have your phone ringing off the hook, we work with you to get the best content on your site and ensure that there is every opportunity to encourage your customers to get in touch with you throughout.

Higher Rankings

The most valuable aspect of every website is its search ranking – how high it shows up on a Google search – the higher the ranking the more traffic you’ll get through to your site. Being on the second page of results or even at the bottom of the first page can mean that you’re hidden from a large proportion of your customers, getting the highest ranking ensures the best performance of your website.