Email Marketing

When you have your social media marketing and web page design is taken care of, the last thing you need to deal with is email marketing and you have a fully active marketing system going. Email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate directly with your customers, social media speaks to your audience as a whole but an email feels more personal, and allows your customer to feel like your speaking directly to them with your business information. As simple as it is to send an email, managing a customer base that can be hundreds if not thousands in number can provide quite a headache, imagine sending one email at a time to a list of contacts that's over a thousand addresses in size! There are many tools that can be used to send emails in bulk that will still personalize the emails for each recipient so they still feel like you are treating them specially.

Email Campaigns

An email campaign can be started for many reasons; if you have a product launch, change in operating hours or you're relocating, you want to ensure that information is relayed to your customers, and it's an excuse to remind them of all the great services you have to offer. Each campaign is important to design properly, from the layout of the email to the contacts you're sending to, we can even work out the optimal time to send the emails so you have a higher chance of your customers opening the emails and reading them.

Template Designs

We can help you to build email templates that will highlight whatever information you regularly send to your customers, making it super simple and easy to send out an email blast about your products or services. Templates can be prepared so that you simply need to fill out the content, add any images you want in them and send them straight out, saving you time and effort that you can spend on your business rather than emails.

Tracking and Reporting

The most important aspect of any email campaign is the tracking, seeing just how many of your customers are engaging with your content that you're sending them. Online tools can be used to see which of your customers are actually clicking on your email links, seeing what products they look at and giving you an idea of the demographics of your audience that responds to emails. This information can be used to design future campaigns, making them more and more successful each time.

Contact Management

The contacts you're emailing can come from anywhere; they can be previous customers that have signed up for your emails or they can be purchased from lead generating sites. We can help to manage your contacts, separating them from people that are more likely to open them and people that don't read your emails at all – this can help us to design content that is more attractive and engaging for those that need the extra push towards your business.