Getting your business name out to your customers may seem easy enough but when you get down to the nitty-gritty it can be difficult to catch their attention. Word of mouth marketing will only get you so far and can be quite unreliable, so getting the services of a professional can help to spread the word far and wide to customers that you weren't already reaching. See the difference a professional marketing agency can make when you hire our amazing team.

About Us

We are a marketing agency based in Milwaukee, we help our local and even international businesses to excel in every product or service they sell. Our team has dedicated themselves to become leaders in their specific fields from social media marketing, SEO and web design, you can take full advantage of their years of experience that they have developed so that your business has the best chance for success.

Our Services

Marketing and advertising are all about layers, getting the attention of your customers from different angles and sources, which is why our services aim to cover a broad range of marketing styles. We want to make sure that every aspect of your marketing needs are being met, see all the services we offer and you'll see just how comprehensive we are for your advertising and management needs.

"I was beginning to realize just how important social media was becoming for my industry but I had no idea how to get the best out of it. After a few failed attempts I decided to go to a digital marketing and advertising agency here in Milwaukee. Milwaukee Marketing took over all the accounts and gave them a total overhaul, the work they did was amazing! I now have incredible post engagement and it's becoming my main form of advertising for my services." – Nora N.

Social Media Marketing

Have you noticed how often you get tagged in posts about products and services on Facebook or Instagram by your friends? Having your business on social media doesn't just show what you have to offer to your direct audience, but it allows them to share it and recommend to their friends, spreading your reach further and further. We can help to build your social media following and get your products noticed by the right people.


SEO or search engine optimization is a process of ensuring the content on your website is being ranked highly on Google searches. When your SEO is done well, your business will show up at the top of searches more often and can be listed in search results that are closely related to your business. We can help to design the right content for you, making sure that people see your content before anyone else's.

"The website for my business was built years ago and barely had any relevant information on it, I realized that it was becoming a liability and that I would be able to reach so many more customers with a better, more up to date website at my disposal. The team at Milwaukee Marketing completely overhauled it and gave me a site that looks fabulous, I can now keep the information relevant much easier and my customers keep complimenting me on it!" – Steve J.

Web Design

Don't be caught in the dark ages, bring your business to the present with a new, fresh website that will have your customers impressed and eager to buy! We have a team of web developers with extensive experience in web design, they can build you a site that doesn't only look great but functions perfectly.

Email Marketing

Do you have updates for your business but you don't know how to get them to your customers? Email marketing is a tried and true method to effectively communicate with your customers, and it's an excellent opportunity to market your business to them, reminding them of your amazing products and services. We can help you build beautiful and effective email campaigns that will have you amazed at the results.

"I bought a new business and didn't realize just how bad the reputation was that the previous owner had left behind. No matter what I did I couldn't get people to come in through the doors – I spoke to Milwaukee Marketing and they worked with me to completely change the exposure of my business. I now have a huge customer base that doesn't stop raving about my business!" – Nat M.

Google Advertising

Struggling to get your name noticed on Google? Google advertising allows you to pay for banner ads that go straight to the top of each search result listing. Setting them up can be quite tricky though, use the help of our experienced marketing team to help you design Google advertising campaigns that will have droves of new customers clicking into your website.

Reputation Management

Suffering from some old mistakes? Or maybe you're looking to make sure that you have a reputation around town for being the best in the business. Look no further than our reputation management service, we can help to get only good words on everyone's tongues when they're talking about you. Let our professional consultants help you to build up your reputation and have your business thriving.


Taking a look at the services we have on offer it's hard to argue that we aren't the best one-stop shop for your marketing needs. We are ready to help you with any of your advertising needs, simply see what our customers have to say about us and you'll see how we can help to turn your business into a marketing machine. If you need help with your businesses exposure, head on over to our contact page to learn how you can get in touch with our customer service team. They can help answer any questions and demystify our service, putting you in touch with our consultants that can get started on your next marketing campaign or web design, simply give us a call to get started!